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We provide these quality tree care services to the following cities:

Tree Removal

Tree removal addresses the health and aesthetics of your landscape as well as the safety and liability of host and adjacent properties. Strategic tree removal can enable competing species to develop and mature. In certain instances, it may be necessary to remove a tree that is alive if it is interfering with the health and vigor of other trees, or threatens buildings, driveways, or utility wires.

Stump Removal

You or a previous homeowner may have had a tree cut down, however the stump was left behind. Now, you’re left with an unattractive obstacle on your property with no way of removing. Let Twister Tree Service take care of it! We tackle tree stump removal jobs of all kinds, no matter how big or how small. With one call, you can have that stump gone in no time!

Tree Pruning

Pruning is when you selectively remove branches from a tree. The goal is to remove unwanted branches, improve the tree’s structure, and direct new, healthy growth.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is necessary to prevent old or weak branches from falling and causing injury or damaging property. Tree trimming also keeps your trees healthy and your landscape in top shape.

Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is a common solution for properties undergoing a transformation. The process consists of clearing trees and shrubs from a plot of land to make way for new construction, renovations, or a lawn expansion.

Free Mulch

Scientific research has shown that mulch conserves soil moisture and reduces competition with weed and turf roots. If you want healthy trees, you need healthy soil.

Certified Arborist Consultation

Sometimes you're unsure with what's wrong with your tree (s) or what to do about it. Or maybe you're planning a major landscaping or construction project and are concerned about how it might affect trees in the area. We have certified arborist who can diagnose the problem and provide solutions.

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Storm Cleanup

Storms can have a devastating effect on your home and property. Dead branches, leaves, and even whole trees can be scattered by strong winds all over your property. In some cases, you may not have the skills or tools to take care of the job. Let Twister Tree handle it for you!

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Named after our shop dog, Twister, we are a fully licensed and insured Virginia registered Class A Contractor servicing Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and more. We have multiple ISA certified arborists on staff and have a full fleet of specialty tree removal equipment to handle anything from small pruning jobs to big lot clearing jobs.